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Tiffany Thomas-Turner

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I help mission-minded leaders earn more exposure for their work, attract bigger audiences for their messages, and create stronger connections to their donors.

Organizations hire me when they want to transform facts and data to help tell better stories about their work — and to use those stories to drive more attention to their mission, attract new clients and donors, and generate more revenue.

If you’re struggling to tell your story — or to package it for print, web, or social media audiences, I can help.


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Meet your new storyteller-for-hire.

I’m Tiffany Thomas-Turner and I specialize in delivering high-quality writing, editing, message strategy, campaign design, social media, and communications strategy.

My typical clients are nonprofit agencies, government agencies, and businesses interested in social good. And their worries might sound familiar to you:

  • Their nonprofits change lives—but donations were down.

  • They have great products—but sales were flagging.

  • Their work could touch millions—but no one knew their story.

I’ve dedicated my business, Thomas-Turner Consulting, LLC, to helping clients break through those common communications barriers. Through carefully crafted messages, I help my clients tell who they are and what they do in a way that is clear, engaging, and memorable.

More about me. 

I’ve been a writer and message strategist for more than two decades, including acting as a senior communications adviser for former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, a chief communications officer for the Baltimore City Health Department, and a media relations and public affairs specialist for the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

With my deep background in advocacy communications, I’ve written everything from press kits, to grant reports, program profiles, legislative testimony and newsletters. As a regular contributor to several popular women’s online magazines, including and, I’ve covered national news, health, politics, and culture for an audience of up to 15 million web visitors.

Because I understand how journalists approach storytelling, I can help you uncover the most interesting, newsworthy angles to help garner positive coverage. I can also craft crisp, memorable quotes that keep your messaging front and center in resulting stories.

I’ve also been blogging and creating social media content for my clients since the dawn of Twitter, helping clients turn boring, un-“like”-able feeds into popular, energetic, and influential reflections of their brands. But more than that, I’ve designed social media programs that generate momentum across all my clients profiles, helping to turn clicks into donations, follows into clients, and shares into clout — both online and off.

I believe in the healing powers of a Golden Girls marathon, the Tao of Douglas Adams, the superiority of Marvel over DC, and the unparalleled excellence of East Carolina barbecue. I’m a mom of three amazing little girls — who have declared themselves the first fire-fighting astronaut princesses the world has ever known, by the way. And my husband and I spend lots of time exploring the breweries and foodie scene around Memphis.

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